Underground Yard Line Leak Repair

A completed job after an underground water leak.

We Will Help Detect Leaks

Waking up to find that there is a leak in your yard or somewhere else around your home may be a real nightmare for you. It can be even worse if there is a leak, and you have no idea that it is occurring until it causes a major problem for you. Either way, this is something you will need a professional to help you with, and we may be a good fit for this type of job. We are Out the Door Plumbing and we offer outside plumbing services that you can count on.

Allow us to be of assistance when it comes to addressing your water and sewer pipes, especially when you need Yard Water Line Leak Repair in Raleigh, NC. You may be surprised at how professionally we handle the job we do at your home. Give us a call at 919-777-4383 to hear more or to set up an appointment. We can be there to inspect your pipes and get right down to work addressing whatever issues your pipes are facing.

What to Look For

When you think you need Underground Line Leak Repair, there are a few indications that this may be the case. One is that you are seeing water stains, water damage, or water in areas where it shouldn’t be. This could be anywhere around your home. For instance, if you notice that your yard is wet, looks like it is sinking, or seems marshy, this is something that you need to have checked out as soon as you can. There may be a leak that will require Yard Leak Repair. In some cases, we may have to dig up the pipes in your yard, or drain all the water out of your pipes, so they can be fixed up properly. Something else that may be a signal that you need Underground Leak Repair is if you don’t have the water pressure you are used to. Anytime this happens, it should be monitored since it could mean a leak, a blockage, or something else that is equally serious. This is also the type of thing that you shouldn’t handle yourself.

Let Us Fix the Leaks

If you choose to count on us to address your Yard Water Line Leak Repair in Raleigh, NC, you will have a team of experts working on your yard to handle the repairs as quickly as possible. Something else you need to know is that we are able to handle installation jobs too. Once your pipes are examined, if they need to be replaced or you need new ones instead, this is another service we provide. Regardless of what needs to be done with your pipes, we will be honest and open with you about what should take place. We want you to feel comfortable with the job we do for you, so we make sure that you are apprised of the situation along the way. Talk to us about your possible underground leaks by dialing 919-777-4383.